Write a Book in a Day – 2013


50 students tucked in The Learning Hub, humming with creativity

 Chris Love LIVE from the US by Video Conference

How did that happen? It’s a whole year and LCGS Seniors are at it again.

  • 8 pm Photocopy & binder homage and books in. Watch out for on-line copies soon…
  • Mr. Grubert has just walked passed “It’s 8 PAST 7”
  • 7.05 and chatting with Chris in Seattle, Mr. & Mrs. Norris are  been visiting everyone and Mr. Grubert is waiting for a deluge of new books in electronic format. Then it’s time to bind. The countdown is on.
  • It’s after 6 PM and after a group meeting & pizza  for 50, deadlines are looming. The writers and publishers are calm under pressure.
Almost a complete nutritious meal.

Almost a complete nutritious meal.


Second stage graphic work



Table top turbo snail

Table top turbo snail


The List


Inspirational wall plan

rbdgroup pixJPG

Action shots

Write a Book in a Day Competition – midday update 2 from Mr. Grubert

  • We are five hours in with seven hours remaining. Most teams have finished a first draft of their work and are reading through their chapters to check for quality, continuity etc. Feet are up, shoes are off and no-one is observing the “Do NOT eat” signage in the Learning Hub.

As a sidenote, some of you will know new student Catherine Kerr. In case you don’t, check out one of her “sketches” of Holly Feather, one character from her team’s story…

Copyright Catherine Kerr “sketches” Holly Feather

Copyright Catherine Kerr
“sketches” Holly Feather



  • An extraordinary 50 students participating on campus and a 51st, Year 11 Chris Love, who is participating via video conference from Seattle, USA. Chris will work through to 3:00am Seattle time to complete the project!

Three hours into the twelve-hour epic, storylines are developing with the following six ideas being worked peak:

 Team 1 – Grade 9s:

Pastafarian (no, that is not a typo) priest Fabian meets Victoria, a politician. Together, they must defeat the piranha-controlled enemy who is trying to take over the world…

 Team 2 – Grade 7s:

A Rock Star and a Gardner fall in love but mean-girl Brittany tries to break them up through an extortion attempt…

 Team 3: Grade 8s:

Daniel, a builder whose wife has died finds that soon after his daughter runs away. After an accident he is left in a coma and it is in this dream-like state that he seeks out the spirit of his wife…

 Team 4: Grade 7, 10, 11 (last year’s shortlisted team)

A trans-galactic foreigner lands on earth to gather intell. For an impending invasion. A chance encounter with a swagman, Keith, changes the future of both worlds…

 Team 5: Grade 8

An escaped convict who is plagued by recurring nightmares hunts for the dream thief who is able to take away people’s dreams with the help of a magical albatross…

 Team 6: Grade 7

An heiress to a millionaire runs away with a boy who works as a hospital cook. When their boat is hit by a falling satellite they are set adrift with only a digeridoo to keep them afloat…


Launching a new page – Mrs. Lee’s Selections

Mrs. Lee is the Teacher Librarian at the Junior Library, and many Senior students will remember her passion for reading. Mrs. Lee has launched herself into the e-Book world too and is busy sourcing literature and learning apps for her iPad. Students at the Junior School are emerging with their devices, and bringing them into the classroom.

Reading and literacy is happening in so many exciting ways as we have more and more options.

The books at the Junior Library are carefully selected and well loved by our busy borrowers.

Mrs. Lee’s Selections is author based and the first page is the well-loved, well-borrowed Andy Griffiths. Andy is very  popular at the Junior and Senior Campus, so there’s something there for everyone!

Visit our new page here.

Over time Anne Fienberg, Garth Nix, Anthony Horowitz and Michael Morporgo will have a page too. You can watch it grow. We’ll let you know.

Art, Audio and Writing from the Junior School

Story, pastel artwork and audio by Nicole

Nicole : reads her story

‘…the black creatures were under the boat.’

James and His dad were out fishing at Pirates cove when James suddenly asked his dad the strangest question, “Hey Dad, why do Killer Whales have white spots?”  “Well,” said James’s dad, “it starts off right here in Cape town at Pirates Cove.  A long, long time ago all the pirates would have a yearly meeting in one of the caves near Table Mountain. They would sail their ships down the coast line and into the bay.”

“Then late one stormy summer’s night the waves were high and the wind was strong. The ships were coming into dock and there were black figures darting under the pirate ships.” “Were they the Killer Whales,” asked James who was suddenly filled with excitement. “Yes, they were.”

“So, where were we up to? Oh yes, now I remember, I was up to the part where the boats were coming in and the black creatures were going under the boat.  They circled the ships playfully as they went on their way.”

At the lighthouse the oldest of all the pirates that lived around Cape Town was having a bit of trouble because the candle wouldn’t light with all the wetness.  He tried and tried but try as he could it would not light.

The waves were getting bigger……………….” “Daaad! Get on with the point now.” “Listen James I am just telling the story as it was. So back to the story then. The waves were getting bigger and the Pirates were getting agitated. Why wasn’t the light working? Should they continue or should they anchor till dawn?”

“Then……James! Are you even listening?” “Yes Dad.” “Okay then back to the story. A giant wave came and took the biggest ship crashing into the rocks. Now, I know you are thinking to yourself ‘What has that got to do with everything’ but you see James this boat had nearly a ton of Condensed milk on it.”

 “The Condensed milk fell overboard and into the ocean. It spilt all over those slimy black creatures and it never came off. And that is how the Orca got its white spots James!”

That James, is how the Orca got his white spots.

Welcome back!

New Graphica in the Learning Hub

BY James Patterson & Svetlana Chmakova

Witch & Wizard- Wake up to a world changed beyond recognition. Whit and his sister Wisty face a dozen armed police and are accused of being a witch and a wizard. It’s politics, a new order, – they will have to fight for survival and use the new powers that burn within them!

Visit James Patterson’s website and read excerpts from the novel – link to the prologue

Visit Svetlania Chmakova

Svetlana has drawn for how-to-draw-manga books, RPG manuals, toy designs, animation, book covers and online comics.

She claims to be an accomplished flake with no attention span and bios are challenging to write!

‘Dawing comics is just something I always did, it was a compulsion.  In my family we used to keep a log of notes to each other—little messages about the dog needing to be walked, what needed to be bought at the store, what was in the fridge for dinner, etc.  They were in this notebook and I’d draw little comic interpretations of the notes, sometimes even with dialogue.  I think we still have that thing somewhere!’  http://www.svetlania.com/comics.shtml

More CBCA Announcements

One Small Island, Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch. Macquarie Island is a remote World Heritage Site. Together they explore the island’s unique geological beginnings, discovery and degradation at the hands of humans, and the battle to restore it today. From Penguin Books Australia

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Freya Blackwood  Read all Freya’s news, find out about her life and see her on-line portfolio of beautiful illustrations.

Wanted! Teenage Judges Now – the Inky’s

We need four enthusiastic teens to be Inkys Judges!

The Inky’s – international awards for teenage literature, voted for online by the readers of Inside A Dog.

There are three awards: the Golden Inky for an Australian book, the Silver Inky for an international book, and the Creative Reading Prize, won by a young person for a creative response to a book they love, in any format they choose. The Inkys are a choice award for teenagers (aged 12-20 years old) – voted by teenagers & young adults.


Book Illustrator

Brain Pickings Facebook posts throw up some great stories. This is about children’s book illustator Sophie Blackall. Australian born Blackall is now situated in New York. Her blog is excellent writing & reading.  You can connect or view at Missed connections talking about her life in New York.

With author Annie Barrrows, she illustrates the Ivy + Bean childrens books.