Write a Book in a Day

Write a Book in a Day – the blurb.

Well Done Teams.


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Write a Book in a Day – 2013


50 students tucked in The Learning Hub, humming with creativity

 Chris Love LIVE from the US by Video Conference

How did that happen? It’s a whole year and LCGS Seniors are at it again.

  • 8 pm Photocopy & binder homage and books in. Watch out for on-line copies soon…
  • Mr. Grubert has just walked passed “It’s 8 PAST 7”
  • 7.05 and chatting with Chris in Seattle, Mr. & Mrs. Norris are  been visiting everyone and Mr. Grubert is waiting for a deluge of new books in electronic format. Then it’s time to bind. The countdown is on.
  • It’s after 6 PM and after a group meeting & pizza  for 50, deadlines are looming. The writers and publishers are calm under pressure.
Almost a complete nutritious meal.

Almost a complete nutritious meal.


Second stage graphic work



Table top turbo snail

Table top turbo snail


The List


Inspirational wall plan

rbdgroup pixJPG

Action shots

Write a Book in a Day Competition – midday update 2 from Mr. Grubert

  • We are five hours in with seven hours remaining. Most teams have finished a first draft of their work and are reading through their chapters to check for quality, continuity etc. Feet are up, shoes are off and no-one is observing the “Do NOT eat” signage in the Learning Hub.

As a sidenote, some of you will know new student Catherine Kerr. In case you don’t, check out one of her “sketches” of Holly Feather, one character from her team’s story…

Copyright Catherine Kerr “sketches” Holly Feather

Copyright Catherine Kerr
“sketches” Holly Feather



  • An extraordinary 50 students participating on campus and a 51st, Year 11 Chris Love, who is participating via video conference from Seattle, USA. Chris will work through to 3:00am Seattle time to complete the project!

Three hours into the twelve-hour epic, storylines are developing with the following six ideas being worked peak:

 Team 1 – Grade 9s:

Pastafarian (no, that is not a typo) priest Fabian meets Victoria, a politician. Together, they must defeat the piranha-controlled enemy who is trying to take over the world…

 Team 2 – Grade 7s:

A Rock Star and a Gardner fall in love but mean-girl Brittany tries to break them up through an extortion attempt…

 Team 3: Grade 8s:

Daniel, a builder whose wife has died finds that soon after his daughter runs away. After an accident he is left in a coma and it is in this dream-like state that he seeks out the spirit of his wife…

 Team 4: Grade 7, 10, 11 (last year’s shortlisted team)

A trans-galactic foreigner lands on earth to gather intell. For an impending invasion. A chance encounter with a swagman, Keith, changes the future of both worlds…

 Team 5: Grade 8

An escaped convict who is plagued by recurring nightmares hunts for the dream thief who is able to take away people’s dreams with the help of a magical albatross…

 Team 6: Grade 7

An heiress to a millionaire runs away with a boy who works as a hospital cook. When their boat is hit by a falling satellite they are set adrift with only a digeridoo to keep them afloat…

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

‘The Waterhouse’

Artist use skills in their chosen media to interpret the natural world and contribute to the great environmental debates facing our planet

Artists use skills in their chosen media to interpret the natural world and contribute to the great environmental debates facing our planet

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

Open to all aged 16 – 25

Explore ‘The Waterhouse’ site and see the rules & conditions as well as key dates

Beautiful galleries of past entries

  • awarded by the South Australian Museum Foundation Incorporated
  • the subject for “The Waterhouse” is natural science, which for the purpose of the competition deals with our natural world and the sciences associated with it. For example; biology, geology, astronomy, chemistry and physics. It also includes natural history.
  • Overall winner $50,000 (acquisitive)

  • Category winners $12,000

  • Youth Art Prize Winner $5,000

  • Peoples Choice Award $5,000

  • Dr. Wendy Wickes Memoriam Prize $5,000 

Writing Competition


SONY Young Movellist of the Year

For writers aged between 13 – 19th years

“Are you the next J.K. Rowling, Michael Morpurgo or Malorie Blackman? Is there half a novel hidden in your desk or in a computer folder that could be the next Hunger Games? Or maybe you have an idea and just needed that little bit of inspiration to get writing…” from the website.http://www.movellas.com/competition/show/201302121559428767/young-movellist-of-the-year

 The Reading Agency is offering support for writers.

You could be the Sony Young Movellist of the Year!

This is a UK based competition with one international award.

The prizes:

1) The overall winner will be offered the opportunity to sign a publishing contract with Random House, including a £2,000 advance! They will also receive a Sony Reader.

2) The two runners-up will receive  Malorie Blackman’s entire teen backlist, published by Random House, and a Sony Reader.

3) The overall winner and the two runners-up will be invited to afternoon tea with Malorie Blackman, and will be able to bring a parent, guardian or friend each.

4) An international winner (selected by the Movellas team) will receive Malorie Blackman’s entire teen backlist, published by Random House, and a Sony Reader. Two runners-up will also receive Malorie’s backlist.

5) One winner (selected by the Reading Agency and Movellas community) who ONLY submitted the first three chapters of a novel (i.e. did not follow up with a full length novel – but why would you do that!?) will receive a mentoring session with a professional writer.

Here are the full terms and conditions 

Write a Book in a Day : Eden’s Curse shortlisted.

Congratulations Everyone!

Eden’s Curse Shortlisted : Look out for Nov. 1st when winners will be announced.

WA’s  Jo-ann Whalley judged the VIC, Qld, SA, TAS, NT Best Book shortlist Upper School Category

Winning ARTISTS will also be announced on November 1st.

What a great effort for all the teams, and Mr. Grubert.

If you want to read Eden’ s Curse here it is  on the Team 4 link, while you’re there take a look at the other books

I Became A Billionaire Writing Competition – 10 – 13 year olds

Writing Competition for 10 – 13 year olds.

Richard Newsome’s award winning Billionaire series.
Gerald Wilkins (13 years) inherits 20 billion pounds.
That’s when the trouble starts…

Write an imaginative story of up to 500 words about what would happen if you inherited billions of dollars,

and you could win a huge prize for your school and your own bookshelf.

 The winner and runner-up will also receive books 1 to 4 in the Billionaire series,

and author Richard Newsome will read the stories out on the internet!

Entries Close Friday 9th November.

For more details Text Publishing or contact kcreeley@lcgs.tas.edu.au for an entry form.

Chance to Win 50 Books

The Federal Government initiative Get Reading! offers opportunities in various ways to win 50 Books You Can’t Put Down. Follow on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to email, post up a book review, or via the ABC  write the last paragraph of your great Australian novel. These a few of the ways you enter….

CBCA Book of the Year Award Winners Announced Today

Aaron Rowe walks in his sleep. He has dreams he can’t explain, and memories he can’t recover. Death doesn’t scare him – his new job with a funeral director may even be his salvation. But if he doesn’t discover the truth about his hidden past soon, he may fall asleep one night and never wake up.

Scot Gardner    Also check out   Scot of the Antipodes

‘I have never read a book more gripping, nor a book more triumphantly alive. I love how it haunts me still. I swear, I will never forget The Dead I Know‘. – John Marsden

from http://www.allenandunwin.com

Praise for Bill Condon: ‘Condon presents readers with confronting and emotive issues … Yet he still manages to weave humour, tenderness, love and mateship into the framework of the novel.’ – Sun Herald

 Dan and his brother Eddie take off for the coast, in search of their lost mother, in search of a better life . . . but it’s a long road they face and Dan must use all his wits to get them there in one piece.

Write a Book in a Day – the final verdict!

At the end of a long but amazingly productive day, the four LCGS Write a Book in a Day teams finally called it quits. The hard copies were printed, the soft copies sent to the competition co-ordinators, and many pizzas had been consumed. And we are pleased to be able to share the final products!

Team 1        Team 2        Team 3         Team 4

Congratulations to all participants for their wonderful efforts today. The results are outstanding, and your dedication to the task is impressive – putting in a twelve hour day is a pretty major task, and you’ve certainly impressed the staff who observed your work!

Year 11 student Samantha Marshall conducted interviews with some participants during the day, gaining their thoughts on the experience.

See our previous blog posts from earlier in the day!

More photos!

Headmaster Mr Norris visits the writing teams.

Mr Norris takes a look at some of the writing.

Mr Grubert indicates his opinion of the day!

  The four teams were made up from students from Years 7 to 12. Their names are listed below. Well done all!

Roda Alfred
Levi Koster         
Mitchel Abraham
Hayley Bowen
Blair Kirkpatrick
Natasha Patrick
Steph Freeland
Claire Partridge
Ebony Denham
Freddy Brown
Lara Briddon
Lucy Bell
Kaeo Landon-Lane
Sidney Triffit
Breanna Stewart
Campbell Richardson
Patrick Macken
Buakhao Campbell
Jack Murcott
Alex Smith
Chris Love
Madeleine Heath
Josh Argent
Imogen Flanagan
Lucy Geeves
Brady Kirby
Maddie Kelly
Emily Argent
Moira Seward
Asleigh Pasheck
Abby Meyer
Sarah Durkin
Zoe Wye
Kate Howe
Skye Morrison

Write a Book in a Day – the first milestone!

Just before 1pm, the first team of the LCGS Write a Book in a Day participants passed the first major milestone for the day, finishing writing the chapter drafts for their book. This meant they moved on, ahead of schedule, to the editing and compiling phase of the process. Given that each chapter is written by a different team member, this phase can be the most intensive of all. Our teams will work through lunch to meet their twelve hour deadline!

Blair, Claire, Ebony, Hayley, Levi, Mitchell, Natasha, Roda and Steph work through the first editing over lunch.