Non-fiction needs new nomenclature

It’s such a negative connotation, ‘non’, even in the context of reading when it excludes ‘fiction’. Boundaries get crossed. There’s ‘faction’ – fiction woven into ‘real’ historical facts and non-fiction written in ‘literary’ styles.

We need new words!

Reading non-fiction is an opportunity to pursue your interests, relish wonderful writing and take you to places you haven’t yet imagined. Like all writing – like history – it is written through the experience and background of the author. The Rory Gilmore Book Club discussion page at goodreads is a place to start.

How many times have you finished a fiction book that swept you away and THEN you want to know all about the author. That’s what happens to me.  This weekend I knocked over M.J. Hyland’s How the Light Gets In, and got swept up in discovering everything about M.J. Hyalnd, and everything else that she has written. So, reading non-fiction is something about wanting – like all reading – to roll about in the luscious words, to find out, and to be taken somewhere else.

Visit Word Worlds Non-fiction, and watch it grow.