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The Top 50 greatest fiction books of all time determined by 43 lists and articles from various critics, authors and experts.

YARR-A Young Adult Reader Reviews – Australia


Adornetto, Alexandra : Author of Hades, The Lampo Circus and The Shadow Thief, all available in The Learning Hub. Visit Alexandra Adornetto’s MacMillan site and watch an interview with her.

Arena, Felice : Author of the Specky Magee series, written with Garry Lyon. To find out more about Specky Magee and other books written by Felice Arena, visit his official website.

Abrahams, Peter : Award winning Peter Abrahams, has several books available in The Learning Hub (Behind the Curtain, Down the Rabbit Hole). Visit his official website to find out information about Peter Abrahams and his books.


Black, Holly : Holly Black  writes contemporary fantasy fiction for teens and children. Her website has interesting information about her life and her books as well as advice about the writing process. You can also read her live journal. Find many of Holly Black’s book in The Learning Hub.

Brugman, Alyssa : If you love horses, then you will love Alyssa Brugman’s books, which you can find The Learning Hub. There is a biography of Alyssa Brugman on her website, as well as reviews, links to books and information about her horses.

Burke, J C : J C Burke didn’t start writing until she was 35, when she enrolled in a creative writing course. Her books include The Story of Tom Brennan, Faking Sweet and Pig Boy. On her official website, she invites you to get in touch: ‘I always love getting emails so contact me if you want to have a chat or if you’re studying or reviewing one of my books for a school project.’


Carmody, Isobelle : Isobelle Carmody  author of the acclaimed Obernewtyn Chronicles started writing while she was still at high school and worked on whilst she completed a Bachelor of Arts and then a journalism cadetship. Visit her WordPress blog site.

Carter, Ally : Oklahoma born Ally Carter  has written The Gallagher Girl series.

Colfer, Eoin :  Eoin Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl series and more!

Crowley, Cath : Gold Inky shortlisted Cath Crowley. Cath Crowley is the author of the multi–award-winning Graffiti moon as well as several other books for young adults and children.


d’Lacey, Chris : Author of The Last Dragon Chronicles, which you can find in The Learning Hub. Chris d’Lacey’s website contains information about his books, links to interviews, tips on writing and Zookie’s notebook (the blog of one of d’Lacey’s dragons).

D’Ath, Justin : Justin D’Ath has written many books for children and young adults, including the populur Extreme Adventures series. There is a dedicated section in The Learning Hub where you can find books such as Hunters and Warriers, Shadow Master, Scorpion Sting and Bushfire Rescue.

Dahl, Roald : Explore the world of the famous Roald Dahl on the official website where you can find out about the author, his books and listen to an interview.


Ellis, Deborah : Author of Parvana and Parvana’s journey. Information about these and her other books is available on Deborah Ellis’ website. You can listen to, read or watch an interview.

Eddings, David : Visit a website dedicated to fantasy author David Eddings, which contains excerpts from books, information about the author and the books. There is a dedicated section in The Learning Hub where you can find David Eddings’ book such as Castle of Wizardry, Demon Lord of Karanda and The Diamond Throne.


Flanagan, John : John Flanagan – a great website, colourful and interactive. Find out more about his fabulous series Ranger’s Apprentice

Frey, James with Jobie Hughes.(aka 1/2 of  Pittacus Lore) : author of the bestselling novels A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard, and Bright Shiny Morning.  Enter his Blog site Big Jim Industries – excellent links, video, news. 


Gaiman, Neil : Neil Gaiman, Comic book writer Neil Gaiman has an on-line journal here. You can leave a message, search the tabs for interviews, video – the works. He’s writing now but posting up messages. The Official Neil Gaimen Tumblr

Griffiths, AndyClick Andy Griffiths Great Site About, Blog, Events, Books, FAQ’s Links & more. You-Tube Andy New Release – Just Doomed!


Harland, Richard : Richard Harland, action packed, terrific links – take a look at the Apparatus for the Repatriation of Tears a Steampunk object of desire, created by artist Anita Larkin. Listen to Richard read the 1st chapter of Worldshaker. His new book Liberator will be released in Australia in May.

Hines, Jim C. : ‘I write books. And also short stories. Plus a fairly regular blog. Not to mention the occasional nonfiction article. And once I wrote and sold a small bumper sticker. But these days, it’s mostly books.’ See Jim C. Hines Fantasy Author website – FREE SHORT FICTION TO READ IN THE SIDE BAR. Author of Goblin Quest and more – links take you to previews and short reviews. A recommended website.

Howowitz, Anthony : Prolific author of novels, screenplays, film and journalism Anthony Horowitz has a place in The Learning Hub. His well thumbed texts are popular and well loved by our readers. Listen to him read from The House of Silk  A Novel – The New Shelock Holmes.

Hoy, Catriona : Children’s author & senior secondary science teacher Catriona Hoy also writes book review for Primary school science. A great spot for budding teachers to see the possibilities for web-based activity. One for the Seniors and for teachers.


Ibbotson, Eva : ‘Before JK Rowling, there was Eva Ibbotson,’ writes Lorna Bradbury. There is a selection of Eva Ibbotson’s books in The Learning Hub. On the Puffin website, read an interview with Eva Ibbotson, find discussion questions and information about her life and her books.


Jay, Shannah : Shannah Jay is the pen name used by Anna Jacobs to write fantasy and science fiction novels. On her webpage, Anna Jacobs talks about writing as Shannah Jay and provides links to ebooks (as they are out of print). Paperback copies of some of the books can be found in The Learning Hub.

Jordan, Robert : Author of The Wheel of Time series which can be found in The Learning Hub. Visit Robert Jordan’s page on the Macmillan website and watch  book trailers and interviews. There is also a biography and links to other websites.

Jennings, Paul : Author of The Rascal books, Wicked, Unreal, and many other amazing books. Visit Paul Jennings website to listen to audio of selected books, to watch a video of his home and office, and read his writing tips.


Kinney, Jeff : Jeff Kinney, the ever popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid – published on-line before it hit the shelves. Learn more about Jeff Kinney at this site.

Kishimoto, Masashi : Masashi Kishimoto, lots of links at Masashi can be found on Facebook, but all the top searches lead to on-line reading & fan sites.

Krall, Dan : Multi-talented Dan Krall –  artist, childrens author, illustrator, comic maker, film and tv artist.


Lore, Pittacus : (See entry for James Frey) Pittacus Lore is Lorien’s ruling Elder. He had been on Earth preparing for the war that will decide Earth’s fate. His whereabouts are unknown. Author of I Am Number 4 & The Power of Six. Explore the Lorien Legacies.


Moloney, James : James Moloney ‘I love writing books for kids and teenages; thirty-five of them so far’. Explore his great site – information about all his books. Fantasies link, young adult novels and more.  


Nix, Garth : The Keys to the Kingdom and The Old Kingdom Chronicles are two series by Garth Nix. On his website, he talks about the process of writing his novels, provides his A – Z of favourite books, and answers questions that he has been emailed by readers.

Nicholson, William : Author of The Nobel Warrier trilogy and The Wind Singer, William Nicholson’s website provides an extensive biography and details of his books, films and plays.


Ohba, Tsugumi : Death Note manga series


Patterson, James  : James Patterson , the official website – all his books The Learning Hub has a good selection of James Patterson series novels and graphica. Maximum Ride is available as text and graphic novel. He is a popular author with senior students, and also writes for younger readers.


Quindlen, Anna : Anna Quindlen is a journalist and novelist. Anna Quindlen’s website contains links to interviews, information about her books and her biography.


Reilly, MathewMathew Reilly latest release Find the synopsis for THE FIVE GREATEST WARRIORS HERE!

Wonderful graphic interface to Reilly’s works – series & stand-alone works, his blog, film & TV, author biography and fun stuff & downloads.

There’s a good page if you are a writer, called FAQ – Frequently asked questions & his main blog is here.

Rodda, Emily : author of titles such as the Rondo trilogy, the Deltora Quest series, the Rowan of Rin series and The Fairy Realm. Emily Rodda is building her official site.

Rowlling, J.K. : J.K. Rowling, interactive, intuitive & interesting graphics – you can link to Potter stuff, as you find out more about the author.


Smith, Jeff : Jeff Smith Dedicated to Bone – the comic book that grew up to become a series of graphic novels. Find out more about Bone, read Jeff’s blog and see his studio, explore the interview links and enjoy all the graphic material & photographs.


Tan, Shaun : Shaun Tan, multi-award winning, internationally renown author/illustrator of The Lost Thing, The Arrival, The Red Tree and more.


Updale, Eleanor : Author of the Monmorency series, short-stories, and recently released JOHNNY SWANSON.  It’s set in 1929, when the First World War had been over for a decade, but the scars still showed.  Johnny is a boy who tries to do his best, but accidentally plunges into a world of deceit and murder that threatens everything – even his mother’s life. Explore Eleanor Updale’s world. Find out more about Montmorency.


van Allsburg, Chris : Author of Jamanji and The Polar Express, which can be found in The Learning Hub. Chris van Allsburg’s website contains lots of fun interactive things such as video clips, colouring, games, write a story and more.


Westerfield, Scott : Scott Westerfield A great site – Scott is the author of The Uglies series & the ‘New York Series’ – So Yesterday, Peeps & The Last Days. Links, bonus stuff, pics & videos included. Look out for his new book Leviathan.

Wilkinson, Carole : With 30 odd books, short stories, a telemovie and some TV and planetarian scripts to her name Carole Wilkinson started writing as a mature woman after a career as a laboratory technician. Dragonkeeper series has excellent reviews and she is an author who blogs too. Start with the Dragonkeeper page and explore.



Yolen, Jane : Jane Yolen’s website contains heaps of interresting information about the author and her books.  


Zusak, Marcus : Author of The Book Thief and The Messenger, which you can find in The Learning Hub. Marcus Zusak’s Random House website contains a video of the author discussing the things he is thankful for, a question and answer section, and excerpts from selected books.


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