Lyrics, Poetry, Prose

Ian Britton (c)

Ian Britton (c)

Poem Hunter.Com

Quick Links, classical poets, poetry forum, poem of the month, themes, quotes, music lyrics…..


Haikus with cartoons by Australian cartoonist John Kudelka.

phat poetry

Find out more about poetry, create mash-ups, visit the vault, the toolshed at phat poetry. Hear the latest sounds, view the latest video and see the latest images. Interactives & information and tons of sharing.

Tim Minchin 

Australia’s great export Tim Minchin is a very busy man, writing, performing and now involved in film. His site is colourful and fast, like he is – busy and creative. A wonderful whimsical and hilarious wordsmith, Minchin helped launch myShakespeare. Watch his Youtube intro. to the project here…

Songs Lyrics can :

  • talk to us;
  • inspire – Look at the 25 most inspirational songs, watch the music videos and have a look a the lyrics;
  • express feelings;
  • inspire you to write! See what Andy Griffiths has to say…Youtube videos;
  • rage against the machine;
  • sing politics;
  • make us laugh;
  • make us cry – read about the songs the songs that make us cry;
  • express grief;
  • be ridiculous;
  • be  mondegreened – is that a real word?

Poems Teens Like

Wordplay Archive

Spoken word, hip-hop, poetry, comedy – was Melbourne based.

4 comments on “Lyrics, Poetry, Prose

    • He is a fresh, hilarious talent – acting, comedy, music…Just quickly checked out his web-page Stephen. Based in the UK now and a very busy man. Good blogger as well. He’s in!

  1. Giovanni here!
    A lot of the songs in the link above inspire me. “It’s a beautiful day” springs to mind especially.

  2. Julien Lennon wrote and sings a song called Saltwater. “When I hear about the hole in the sky, saltwater wells in my eyes.”
    Saltwater wells in MY eyes.

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