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Be In The Conversation


ABC TV’s Q&A is coming to Launceston. If you want to join the conversation or apply to be in the studio audience link


Next weeks guests are

This is a great opportunity to ask your question, listen to other points of view and have others hear yours.

Join the Twitter feed, post a question and come along.


Welcome Back : 2013, spreading the word in social media


image from Social Media World

It seems that most people have had a great break. There’s some good energy flying as we are all catching up with each other. Your summer has been filled with narratives – fantastic, social, visual, personal, written, read, virtual and more. We can share many of these experiences together. No doubt many of us have shared our world via social media.

Some of the stories this season have been challenging and emotional as we are all aware of fires and floods that are still affecting us, with loss of life and property. It was a true inspiration to me to see how social media has connected people to each other – particularly the Facebook page ‘Tasmanian Fires – we can help’.  Many stories streamed in and real practical help was organised to reach people on the Tasman Peninsula – building community and new relationships.

Read 3 PR Lessons about the Tasmanian Bushfires at Dunalley – fleshing out how stories connect us, how we want to help and how social media spreads news ‘like wildfire’.  Mashable has another good article about social media and natural disasters, and the site may be a good bookmark for some people.

Many of us posted photographs on the ABC website, and on Facebook, Tumblr etc. We respond in a very human way to these visual images – each telling a story too. 

As a consequence of all this communication people did get help and support in so many ways, and that support continues, so it has been an inspirational summer.