Write a Book in a Day : Eden’s Curse shortlisted.

Congratulations Everyone!

Eden’s Curse Shortlisted : Look out for Nov. 1st when winners will be announced.

WA’s  Jo-ann Whalley judged the VIC, Qld, SA, TAS, NT Best Book shortlist Upper School Category

Winning ARTISTS will also be announced on November 1st.

What a great effort for all the teams, and Mr. Grubert.

If you want to read Eden’ s Curse here it is  on the Team 4 link, while you’re there take a look at the other books

Write a Book in a Day – the final verdict!

At the end of a long but amazingly productive day, the four LCGS Write a Book in a Day teams finally called it quits. The hard copies were printed, the soft copies sent to the competition co-ordinators, and many pizzas had been consumed. And we are pleased to be able to share the final products!

Team 1        Team 2        Team 3         Team 4

Congratulations to all participants for their wonderful efforts today. The results are outstanding, and your dedication to the task is impressive – putting in a twelve hour day is a pretty major task, and you’ve certainly impressed the staff who observed your work!

Year 11 student Samantha Marshall conducted interviews with some participants during the day, gaining their thoughts on the experience.

See our previous blog posts from earlier in the day!

More photos!

Headmaster Mr Norris visits the writing teams.

Mr Norris takes a look at some of the writing.

Mr Grubert indicates his opinion of the day!

  The four teams were made up from students from Years 7 to 12. Their names are listed below. Well done all!

Roda Alfred
Levi Koster         
Mitchel Abraham
Hayley Bowen
Blair Kirkpatrick
Natasha Patrick
Steph Freeland
Claire Partridge
Ebony Denham
Freddy Brown
Lara Briddon
Lucy Bell
Kaeo Landon-Lane
Sidney Triffit
Breanna Stewart
Campbell Richardson
Patrick Macken
Buakhao Campbell
Jack Murcott
Alex Smith
Chris Love
Madeleine Heath
Josh Argent
Imogen Flanagan
Lucy Geeves
Brady Kirby
Maddie Kelly
Emily Argent
Moira Seward
Asleigh Pasheck
Abby Meyer
Sarah Durkin
Zoe Wye
Kate Howe
Skye Morrison

Write a Book in a Day – the first milestone!

Just before 1pm, the first team of the LCGS Write a Book in a Day participants passed the first major milestone for the day, finishing writing the chapter drafts for their book. This meant they moved on, ahead of schedule, to the editing and compiling phase of the process. Given that each chapter is written by a different team member, this phase can be the most intensive of all. Our teams will work through lunch to meet their twelve hour deadline!

Blair, Claire, Ebony, Hayley, Levi, Mitchell, Natasha, Roda and Steph work through the first editing over lunch.

Write a Book in a Day – Senior Campus

7.45am on a brisk Launceston morning saw almost forty eager students, ranging from Years 7 to 12, invade the LCGS Learning Hub, ready to embark on their Write a Book in a Day journey. Under the direction of co-ordinator Mr Doug Grubert, the four teams received their instructions and challenge information, before splitting up into their groups to brainstorm for the day ahead.

Time seemed to vanish as ideas flew wildly, with each team taking the stimulus material and forming the fledgling outline of their books. Once the structure had been formed, the teams split up to start writing their chapters and working on their illustrations. The words and pictures are pouring onto the page, and the stories are shaping up. Stay tuned for details on how the second half of the challenge came together, and a look at the finished books!