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BookRix Free and low priced books with a link to the blog Me, My Shelf & I

Read Teen Books On-line No. 1 site for Romance books

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The Web Comic List   

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Doug Macleod’s Tumble Turn  (FREE ONLINE) about Dominic a thirteen years old with a  tricky homelife.  His sister Dale is a bit crazy and he’s in love with three people. Uncle Peri in Albury gets all of this emails…a novel about growing up for for peole who feel like square pegs. You can download to your eReader, or link to get a PDF.

All the madness and confusion of Dominic’s life is revealed through his e-mails to the mysterious Uncle Peri in Albury. Uncle Peri has a secret, as well as a house full of sheep. Tumble Turn is a coming-of-age novel for anyone who has ever felt they are not quite normal.

Gunnerkrigg  Mrs. Wessely highly recommends this excellent web comic! Once you start it’s world of  quirky characters and strange happenings. Start at the beginning! (Picture by Tom Siddell)

Project GutenbergMichael Hart invented eBooks in 1971 and created Project Gutenberg – the largest collection of free electronic books. Explore!

Baen Free Library – Free & downloadable books to enjoy on your devices.

Percy Jackson preview – Percy jackson & the Lightening Thief graphic novel on-line – great graphics.

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